• Client: Heidelberg Institute for Systemic Research  and Familiendynamik
  • Goal: The theme of the congress should be presented artistically, interactively, accessible to the public and staged as an accompaniment to the congress
  • Participants: 700 congress attendees
  • Time frame: Congress duration: 4 days; set-up time for staging in public spaces: 3 weeks

The Eye of the Congress

Eighteen days before the start of the congress, a human-sized egg is laid in the centre of Heidelberg – nested on straw in an iron cage. Its public incubation is recorded by a Webcam at the site. At the start of the congress the eye is transported over the heads of the attendees and into the main congress hall. Now it’s presented to the congress – so it roams around, pauses, a pinhole is bored in it and it goes off again. This egg works as a camera obscura, whose inner side is coated with a light-sensitive material which, as it were, ‘hatches’ the congress within the egg. There follows a semantic incubation through the plenary session and a collective breaking into the egg.