PhD in Social Pedagogy, Graduate in Sociology

The originator of storydealing specialises not only in developing and realising stories but also in the art of spellbinding audiences with a tale.


PhD and Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, BA in Film and Photography

How to unlock the creativity of groups and how to find new keys to access your own way of doing things? Stefanos sees this as using unexpected approaches to shine a fresh light on material and thereby make stories tangible.


PhD in Philosophy, psychologist, industrial manager, coach and teacher and advisor to organisations

Hans Rudi Fischer shows how something new arises from disturbing well-trodden cognitive pathways, by the creative method of ‘Ver-rucken’ (a jolt into the unconventional). How do we change our usual mental landscape? By having the courage to attend to our imagination, to spark out sense of possibility and to draw out the creative potential that simmers in us all.

There, where the normal axiomatic world reveals its fissures, that’s where we slip in

… and spirit you away to a realm where the threads between reality and possibility are unpicked, where all travellers, for the time of their stay, unearth a new world. In every zone of not yet awakened reality lies volatile material, just right for detonating any brand of reality bunker; combustible stuff that blows stories into the world, enmeshes you, and makes your visions real.



Bronze Medal, Austrian Event Awards

Gold Medal, Comprix Awards, Germany

National Prize for Public Relations, Austria

Silver Medal, Event Awards, Vienna

EIBTM Award (European Incentive and Business Travel Meeting), Barcelona