A Self-Powered Flight on Wings

  • Client: KUKA Company
  • Goal: The organisation should familiarise itself with new forms of coordination and opportunities to build connectivities. These include supple methods of process design to enable swift and creative business dealings for reacting to disruptive events
  • Participants: Around 200 global management staff
  • Time frame: 2 days

A space for playing is needed, to take the weight off tried and tested ways of communicating and decision-making and to give wings to new approaches. The assignment given to participants:
“Is it possible, in seven hours, to build a flying machine whose dimensions exceed all expectations and whose design represents everyone, as individuals and as a collective?”
The task demands skills in communication and coordination, as well as presentational and design strength. It requires decisiveness and efficiency, a collaborative approach, an activity focusing on a major collective goal using the decision-making capabilities of everyone.