• Client: SIG Combibloc
  • Goal: To make perceptible and tangible the leadership principles ‘Think customer’, ‘Act lean’, ‘Deliver results’, ‘Shape the future’, ‘Expand potentials’, ‘Select the best’, ‘Work across boundaries and ‘Take ownership’.
  • Participants140 executive staff worldwide
  • Time span: 3 interventions during the course of 3 months

BLIP! An Assault on Reality

A collective challenge is sought, exactly the same mission for all teams, regions and sites, with the same goal and timeframe stipulations. The diverse ways this is accomplished should bring to light the differences in context and enable a mutual learning process. The shining lights from thousands of windows in a city compose, as they come on and go off every night, a unique symphony conducted by chance from the houses’ illuminated façades. How would it be if this process were consciously steered – for one night? Can the inhabitants of a building be brought round to the idea of making a collective light-picture out of their façade?