• Client: Thimm. The Highpack Group
  • Goal: Fostering a spirit of optimism in the context of excellence and passion
  • Participants: around 100 internal and external service staff
  • Time frame: 2 Days

Eine Reise ins Ankommen

Here’s an out of the ordinary concept for a group presentation in Bremen. Staff members from the most diverse branches of the firm call attention to the potential, performance capacity and creative powers within their own ranks. A ‘business saga’ (history) is brought to life via the presentation and purveyed through discussion topics.

The assignment: is it possible to collectively devise a new world in 46 hours and package it in pictures and sounds? Take the tale of the ‘Bremer Stadtmusikanten’ (the Grimm brothers’ ‘The Town Musicians of Bremen’) and act out the ending – that is, the arrival of the donkey, hound, cat and hen in the centre of Bremen. Document and present this enactment in a film. The premiere at the Bremen Playhouse has already been announced. You have 46 hours to make your masterwork a reality.