• Client: Swiss Re
  • Goal: More trust, openness and personal responsibility, less belief in hierarchies and therefore a strong feedback culture; to articulate the shadowy side of one’s own culture. To sum up: more start-up culture against the backdrop of a radical, cloud-driven change in the work landscape of the IT branch
  • Participants: IT Shared Production Services (around 80 people)
  • Time frame: 2 Days

Chasing Shadows

Eighty people meet up in the town of Konstanz on Lake Boden for a major collective task. The mission: “Use the night time in Konstanz as material for forming your exhibition, by conveying an expression of light and capturing this photographically.”
It’s a curious hunting party that gathers at night round a huge fire. Armed with cameras and stands, again and again they roam the town in small groups and hunt down shadows and light. Their quarry, seized from the dark, illuminates the following questions: what separates us, what do want to, or what should we, keep hold of and what do we need that’s new?