Suprematist Intervention

Suprematistische Intervention Client: A1 Telekom Austria Goal: Leadership Standards are made tangible and measurable through embodiment, meaning they are incarnated visually as snapshots of management connectivity. Participants: around 200 executives Time frame: 120 minutes Suprematism is a 20th-century movement in art. It represents a breach: an attempt to confront a radically changing world with new visuals. … Read More


Client: KUKA Company Goal: Developing a new corporate identity, illuminating how you see yourself and others; building sensibility in yourself and others in the context of repositioning Participants: 220 executive management staff from across the world Time frame: Duration of the entire process of strategically planned change: 3 to 5 years; duration of the intervention: … Read More

Daimler AG

Operation Truffle Client: The Daimler Group Goal: To reveal and position the olive tree sculpture in the firm’s museum as an identifying sign for the fundamental transformation of the company. Participants: 60 people from the Human Resources management team Time frame: Entire process: 3 years, intervention: 48 hours Truffle: subterranean-growing, tuberous, fruiting body; one of … Read More