BLIP! An Assault on Reality

Client: SIG Combibloc Goal: To make perceptible and tangible the leadership principles ‘Think customer’, ‘Act lean’, ‘Deliver results’, ‘Shape the future’, ‘Expand potentials’, ‘Select the best’, ‘Work across boundaries and ‘Take ownership’. Participants: 140 executive staff worldwide Time span: 3 interventions during the course of 3 months A collective challenge is sought, exactly the same mission … Read More


A Self-Powered Flight on Wings Client: KUKA Company Goal: The organisation should familiarise itself with new forms of coordination and opportunities to build connectivities. These include supple methods of process design to enable swift and creative business dealings for reacting to disruptive events Participants: Around 200 global management staff Time frame: 2 days A space … Read More


Client: Swiss Re Goal: More trust, openness and personal responsibility, less belief in hierarchies and therefore a strong feedback culture; to articulate the shadowy side of one’s own culture. To sum up: more start-up culture against the backdrop of a radical, cloud-driven change in the work landscape of the IT branch Participants: IT Shared Production … Read More